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Women and minoritized faculty are overstressed, overworked, and more likely to leave academia altogether. Our Scholar’s Voice retreat for women faculty is a professional development experience designed to inspire women faculty with the mindset and strategy to take control of their time by centering their writing and publishing. We use writing as a tool to align all the competing obligations of women faculty and help them design a fulfilling, legacy-building career.


of female faculty feel stressed in 2020 (compared to 34% in 2019)


of female faculty indicated the pandemic increased their workload, compared to 70% of male faculty


of female faculty indicated their work/life balance deteriorated in 2020, compared to 63% of male faculty

The key to faculty retention is support, but faculty support is not straightforward–and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. Retention of women and minoritized faculty is a mainstay in university strategic plans, and we know that a more diverse faculty will better attract and enroll a diverse student body.

Reframe your “faculty development” budget as your “faculty retention” budget and use it to build deep support for these valuable faculty members.

Our unique approach–based on our experience coaching and mentoring hundreds of women and nonbinary faculty members–will inspire professors to make the shifts in their day-to-day work lives that will lead to greater job satisfaction, less stress, more publications–and better retention.

Our faculty retreats help your university retain faculty

Support women and nonbinary faculty to retain top talent all the way to full professor and beyond Ensure tenure-track faculty have the time and space to develop the ideas that will lead to ground-breaking research, top-notch student mentoring, and higher rates of faculty retention Deliver on the strategic plan to create a diverse, world-class faculty

“Through my speaking, mentoring, and coaching programs I have helped hundreds of academics use writing and publishing to craft satisfying, sustainable careers.”


Speaker, Author, Podcast host

Effective Outcomes

In this retreat participants will:

• Learn how to use writing to organize their time, their thoughts, and their careers

• Make the space in their calendars that will lead to more writing, more publications, and more impact on their field

• Understand the value of their voice to the university and to their field, and learn how to amplify that voice and that value

Easeful Execution

We make it easy for you to offer retreats to your faculty members by handling the details of promotion and registration for you.

• A digital registration link that makes sign-up quick and easy for your scholars

• Event announcements, digital flyers, and reminders to ensure scholars get the most from your investment

• Complete set-up and hosting of Zoom videoconference by our team (for virtual retreats)

Scholar’s Voice includes a workbook (delivered digitally for online retreats) that your faculty can use over and over again throughout their careers. For in-person retreats, we supply all materials for faculty to fully participate in our hands-on workshops.


“We believe the contributions you made during the 2021 Helen Glass Research Symposium will have a significant impact on the growth of research, scholarship and well-being in the College of Nursing. I connected with a number of my colleagues following the event, who shared with me how thankful they were for your virtual workshops. They also spoke with me about how they felt new hope and excitement about their scholarly work after attending your workshop sessions.”

Christina H. West, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Chair, Helen Glass Research Symposium Planning Committee College of Nursing, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba


Day 1:

The Role of Writing in Your Career

Overworked academics often struggle to get writing done, waiting for big blocks of time that never come, or relegating writing to nights and weekends. In this workshop, you’ll learn how writing can be the driver of your career, not an activity that keeps falling to the bottom of your list. Then you’ll take practical steps to place writing firmly at the center of your academic work by writing an academic mission statement, creating a consistent writing practice, and designing your days around writing.

Participants will:

• Write an Academic Mission Statement

• Use our proprietary rubrics to align all of their professional activities to support their Academic Mission Statement

• Create an Ideal Week calendar

Day 2:

The Aligned Pipeline
Publications are the currency of academia, but the desire to publish as much as possible can actually lead to publishing less. You’ll learn how to craft a research publication pipeline that not only positions you for your next career stage, it tells the world who you are and why they should listen to you. Learn our secrets to crafting an Aligned Pipeline that builds both your confidence and your scholarly reputation, and gets your voice out in the world.

Participants will:

• Design a curated pipeline that aligns with their Academic Mission

• Statement and reflects their unique process

• Visually map this pipeline so that it serves as a high-level project plan

Download Pricing Information

Download Pricing Information



(3 hours per day)


Academic Mission Statement Workshop


Align Your Activities Workshop


Spotlight coaching


Lunch (off-camera)


The Aligned Pipeline


Next Steps Coaching

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