Episode 89: Why Investing In Yourself Is a Radical Act of Self-Care

Why is investing in ourselves as womxn and nonbinary academics a radical act? And what should you do if your institution doesn’t want to invest in you? Making your career what you want it to be is up to you. There’s a lot of talk these days about self-care, but what...

Episode 29: Hit the Reset Button

Is it time to hit the reset button? When we are in unusual circumstances we are forced out of the ‘norm’. And while that can definitely have its downsides, it can also give us an opportunity to reevaluate how we’re doing things.      This moment in time...

How to Handle Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm in Academia

How do you feel when you get to work in the morning? When you look at your to-do list, do you feel completely overwhelmed? Have you ever felt the beginnings of a panic attack when you think about the amount of stuff you have to do? For most of us, the answer is “yes.”...

Are you Making These Three Writing Mistakes?

Are you making these three writing mistakes? Academic womxn and nonbinary academics are a diverse and electrifying group. I truly get so much energy from interacting with you all, both in and out of my own field of study. But the more of our clients we get to know,...

Five Myths about Getting Writing Done

As you close your laptop on turning in grades, set up your email auto-responder so that students know you are unreachable and dream about all those projects that you’re going to finish over the break, it might be time for a little reality check. Let me guess: you have...

A Professor’s Guide to Getting Professional Development Funding

There are some things that really get on my nerves about academia. One of them is the assumption that we should all know how to do the job. I mean, we have Ph.D.s, right? How on earth does the process of getting a Ph.D. prepare you for managing #allthethings, getting...

How to Write More (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not About Time)

“What’s the biggest obstacle between you and writing more?” -this is the question we often ask our clients. Here's what they say: “Time!” “Time management and my teaching load at a teaching intensive university” “Time and motivation” “Distractions, time, fear of...

What Should Going Up for Tenure Feel Like?

Going up for tenure brings up all the feelings. Maybe the most salient one is fear. Fear that you won’t get tenured, which would mean going on the (also scary) market, moving to another town, uprooting your family. Fear that your sneaky suspicion that your colleagues...

Five Project Management Skills Every Academic Needs to Know

The very nature of academic work means that we have to juggle. The three pillars of our work--research, teaching, and service--outline a daily working life where we are pulled in at least as many directions (though in reality, it is many more). Because of this,...

From Sticky Notes to Systems: How I Organized My Academic Life

I really don’t consider myself super organized. So it might seem strange for me to have created a course called “Organize Your Academic Life.” But of course, I didn’t always have a complete system in place for organizing my academic projects. And maybe you don’t right...

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