Episode #159

Trust Yourself to Do Differently

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to write and publish to the level that you know you are capable of? It’s frustrating to be a high achiever and still not be able to figure this out!


The reason that your publication pipeline is still clogged is that you are stuck with the “I’ve tried everything” mindset, where there is no room for growth. In this video, I coach you on how to break out of that mindset and trust yourself to be able to change. There is one key difference between shifting from that defeated mindset to one of change and growth, and I’ll walk you through how to implement that key change in this conversation.

The Key Component For Change

The key to going from a ‘victim’ mindset to one of being really ready to make a change is self-trust and truly believing that you CAN make a change. If you go into learning a new habit, or learning to try to change behavior, or learning a new strategy, with an attitude of ‘I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me’, then you won’t be able to make the change that you’re looking to make.

You have to not only believe in the strategy you’re trying to implement, but you also have to accompany that with a belief in yourself.

How to Get Out of a Victimhood Mindset

One of the things that we really work on in our programs is trusting yourself, and leaning into the way that you do things specifically. We teach you strategies, but they are very tailored to what works best for you in your career and with your personality, which is going to be different from everyone else.

We’ve watched over and over again, people break through their self-doubt, trust themselves, and do something different. It all starts with trusting yourself that you can do differently, but none of that actually has to do with the strategies themselves. It has everything to do with shifting your own mindset enough to break out of the spiraling cycle of victimhood.


How to Develop Self-Trust

A huge part of developing self-trust has to do with being able to really tune in and listen to your inner voice. The next part is listening to that inner voice, figuring out what kinds of lies and skepticism it is feeding you, and rerouting those thoughts into something more productive and conducive to self-trust.

The first step is to redesign your thoughts. Ultimately, you’re trying to get a better result from all the strategies and advice that you hear. The thing that needs to shift though, is your thinking and mindset, not the strategies themselves.

An activity that might help with that is to write down all of your thoughts about you as an academic writer and publisher, then move to ask yourself what your relationship with writing is. Unpack all of the struggles, negative thoughts, and fears you have concerning writing and publishing by writing them all down on one side of a piece of paper.

Then, flip the piece of paper over and ‘flip the script.’ Write a replacement thought for all of your negative thoughts on the opposite side, and change the statements to positive statements.


Why is This Important?

If you don’t build that trust in yourself that you can actually do something different, you won’t ever be able to make a change.

We charge you all with trusting yourself to do things differently, and the way that you can build that self-trust is by changing your mindset.

“That ‘I’ve tried everything’ feeling is a difficult place to be.”


“The real problem is that you need to shift your ability to trust yourself and your ability to believe in the fact that you can change.”


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