Episode #123

“A Completely Different Scholar”: Transformation Even in Mid-Career with Ronnie Olesker

Are you closer to the middle of your academic career than the beginning? Do you ever feel stuck in some ruts as it relates to your writing, publishing, and academic work? It can be so hard to find new ways of approaching your writing and publishing once you hit mid-career, but you are not without any hope! There can be big shifts and changes made even when you’re not new in the world of academia.


In today’s episode, you’ll hear one of our coaches, Gina Robinson, talk with a client of ours, Ronnie Olesker. She’ll talk about how she was able to make a big change mid-career.

Even in mid-career, the Navigate program helps people make big changes in their writing, publishing, and work as a whole. 

In case you’re wanting to get some of the Navigate magic that Ronnie talks about in this episode, you can enroll in the Navigate book cohort now! If you enroll before May 15, you will get a paper copy of my new book, Making Time to Write, and be included in the live book club conversations alongside the classic Navigate program material.


Key points discussed:

  • Ronnie’s work background and passions in academia
  • Ronnie’s mission statement that she created in the Navigate program
  • Ronnie’s journey of what brought her to Navigate
  • Why Ronnie wanted to join Navigate
  • Ronnie’s feelings toward her writing before joining Navigate
  • Ronnie’s experience in the Momentum program in 2020
  • How Ronnie fit Navigate into her day and found the time to engage with it
  • What has changed in Ronnie’s career since working through and completing the Navigate program
  • Ronnie’s mantra: intentionality, satisfaction and rewards
  • The parts of the Navigate program that Ronnie found the most helpful
  • What Ronnie learned most from Navigate
  • Ronnie’s advice to people considering Navigate


Key Quotes:

    • “The Navigate program really helped me clarify what my mission statement is, and what I’m really about.”- Ronnie Olesker
    • “I joined Navigate because I wanted to unlearn a lot of the bad habits I developed over time, such as binge writing. I had a really negative association with my writing, I never seem to find time to write, especially during the pandemic. And it always felt like I needed to either sacrifice sleep or self-care to write. So I wanted to get out of that kind of zero-sum game approach.”- Ronnie Olesker
    • “I wanted to feel more like I was in the driving seat on my own writing process.”- Ronnie Olesker
    • “Navigate has not only transformed my writing, it’s completely made me a different scholar.” – Ronnie Olesker
    • “Navigate helped me be really intentional about what I was doing, the projects I was choosing to engage with, and what to let go of.”- Ronnie Olesker

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