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Episode #51

Career Development for Womxn: An Interview with Carol Parker Walsh

Career coach Dr. Carol Parker Walsh joins us to share her path into and through academia, and to dig into something we are both passionate about: career development for women. Carol helps women figure out their next career steps, in order to make their lives and careers more individual and joyful. She shares about big moments in her own life that helped her realize she was on the wrong path, and gives us three great questions to ask ourselves to reflect on our careers.


Key points discussed:

  • Dr. Carol’s career trajectory, including changing her mind from pre-med, practicing law for 10 years, and returning to academia [3:30]
  • Hitting mile markers in life and career that make you pause and think about things [6:30]
  • Being funneled along a career path further and further up the administrative track [8:00]
  • How a life-altering car crash and the death of her father made her pull up and realize she was on the wrong path [10:30]
  • Walking away [12:00]
  • Pivot moments, fear around leaving academia, the idea of the Ivory Tower, and sunk costs [13:30]
  • Calls from others telling her she was ruining her life, and how they ended up emboldening her [14:30]
  • Dr. Carol’s 3 questions to ask yourself when working through change [20:30]
  • Women in the patriarchal culture of academia; using your power to change institutions and situations [26:00]
  • Cultivating a hopeful outlook that builds on your past experiences, rather than a depressed or fearful one that discounts them [34:00]
  • Dr. Carol’s masterclass program to help women work through big questions in career development and next steps [39:30]

Key Quotes:

“I fell back in love with school.” -Carol Parker Walsh

“It wasn’t a direct path.” -Carol Parker Walsh

“The ultimate struggle we face in our society is having the permission and courage to be who we’re meant to be.” -Carol Parker Walsh

“Is this the trajectory I want to be on?” -Carol Parker Walsh

“I’ve accomplished so much, now what do I want to do with it?” -Carol Parker Walsh

“You have permission to have a joyful and fulfilling career; that’s what you deserve, that’s what the world deserves from you.” -Cathy Mazak


Connect with Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Masterclass: Unplug from the Career Matrix

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  • A fantastic, supportive community of like-minded womxn


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