Episode #131

It’s a Pipeline, Not a Funnel! [Re-release Ep 88] 

If you want to publish more, you should take on more projects, right? Wrong! You need a publication pipeline, not a funnel.

I’m getting up on my soapbox to tell you why your publications need to be in a pipeline, not a funnel! Building a publication plan from a place of fear leads you to take on every possible project, say yes to all opportunities, and focus on numbers rather than your academic mission. Friends, this approach will backfire. Let’s dig into the metaphors of pipeline and funnel, and how to approach your publishing plan to reach your goals.

In this summer season, we will be re-releasing a few older podcasts to start us off. With that said, this episode is a re-release of episode 88 of the podcast. You can find episode 88 full show notes here.


But, we do want to make you aware of some fun things happening currently in the summer of 2022! We created both a live and a recorded info session for the latest, revised version of our Amplify Faculty Writing Accelerator Program for pre-tenure faculty. 

If you are in an early faculty career position in the US or Canada and are interested in a program for creating an early career experience to get tenure on your terms, this is absolutely for you. It was held live on June 16, 2022. But if you’re hearing this after June 16, don’t worry, because you can still sign up to receive the recorded version of the program! 

Sign up for the Pre-tenure Academic Writing Program, Amplify here! 

For the full show notes for this episode, head here!

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