Episode #205

My Mission

I am officially launching my new mission statement for Scholar’s Voice™! After reflecting on my experiments and expertise over the past seven years, I decided it was time to redefine the purpose, goals, and future of Scholar’s Voice™ so I can make long-lasting and impactful changes to the culture of academia.


So, here it is – My mission is to change the culture of academia by radically altering the experience of 1,000 women and non-binary professors by 2030.

In today’s episode, I break down each element of this new mission statement. As I share my process, I draw parallels to help you refine your academic mission statement. You can create a successful and rewarding legacy as a professor without burnout, without feeling overwhelmed, and without struggling with toxic colleagues. Ready to learn how? Join me on my mission to radically change the culture of academia!

Radically Altering the Academia Experience

The new mission statement for Scholar’s Voice™ involves radically altering the academic experience. Here are ways I aim to do that:

  1. Reject the culture of overwork. Build a successful career by working 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday, 40 hours a week.
  2. Publish in line with your expertise. Align your publication record with your expert-level knowledge.
  3. Move writing to the center of your career. Make writing a central activity.
  4. Redefine leadership on your own terms. Choose a form and definition of leadership that feels right for you. Leading your students, lab, or research is just as impactful as an admin role.
  5. Enjoy your career. Be inspired by your career.

Altering the Experience of 1,000 More Professors by 2030

The past seven years have been a phase of experimenting and expertise building. So, what is the next phase of my business where I will help 1,000 more women and non-binary professors by 2030?

My goal is to take my expertise and simplify the path to change for my clients. Instead of offering different program options, I have remastered the foundational and most important one: Navigate. In 2024, Navigate will be 12 weeks long with 12 lessons of recorded content. This improved version of Navigate has fewer obligations and a more straightforward format and mirrors the time commitment to writing necessary to get your publication pipeline flowing.

How You Can Help

If my mission resonates with you and aligns with the goals you have for your career, you can get involved in several ways, such as:

  • Sign up for the weekly email newsletter, In the Pipeline (www.scholarsvoice.org).
  • Keep listening to this podcast and share it with your colleagues and friends.
  • Get on the waitlist for an upcoming Navigate cohort here.


“Here is the revised mission statement for Scholars Voice™: to change the culture of academia by radically altering the experience of 1000 women and non-binary professors by 2030. I am going to explain each part and show you my process to redefining my mission. This is a parallel process you can apply to the refinement of your academic mission statement.” 


“If I help one academic radically change her career in the way that I outline in my mission, then I am affecting that individual person and all the people who are looking at her as a leader or an advisor. If I change that one person’s experience, then according to the ripple effect theory, I am also altering all the people around her. That is how I will make a significant impact and generate cultural change.”


We’ve opened the waitlist for our next cohort of Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap®. Check out the program details and get on the waitlist here.



  1. Our 12-week Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® program helps tenure-track womxn and nonbinary professors to publish their backlog of papers so that their voice can have the impact they know is possible.  Get on the waitlist here!
  2. Cathy’s book, Making Time to Write: How to Resist the Patriarchy and Take Control of Your Academic Career Through Writing is available in print! Learn how to build your career around your writing practice while shattering the myths of writing every day, accountability, and motivation, doing mindset work that’s going to reshape your writing, and changing academic culture one womxn and nonbinary professor at a time. Get your print copy today or order it for a friend here!
  3. Want to train with us for free on your campus? Now you can when you recommend our Scholar’s Voice™ Faculty Retreats to a decision-maker on your campus! Download the brochure with the retreat curriculum and both in-person and online retreat options here.





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