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Episode #98

Sneak Peek of Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® Program

How do you get writing and publishing done to enhance your career, get that promotion, impact your field – without breaking down or burning out? I’ve got the roadmap that shows the way.


I’m covering a lot today, as I share all about my Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® program, how it can help you write and publish more, and set yourself up for success in your career without burnout and overwhelm.

But before we dive in, I want to share something exciting with you. What is the number one thing I hear about from academics that stands in the way of writing and publishing? Time. So for a limited time, I want to share my Freeing Time System program module with you for FREE so you can get a jumpstart on learning the strategies and techniques to free up time in your schedule for writing.

(Go grab that right now, it’s only available free until midnight ET on November 23, 2021. Get it here:

Now I want to introduce you to our re-designed Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® program, the most comprehensive program around for creating and maintaining a flowing publication pipeline that can help get you promoted, make an impact, and get paid what you deserve.

Through Navigate we teach you the exact systems for pipeline creation as well as the strategies for creating the time and space to maintain them. We deliver one teaching module a week for the first 10 weeks to help you build a foundation to propel you into the rest of the year with confidence, moving from overwhelmed to empowered.  We want to show you how to stand in your power and take control of your career to accomplish your BIG Dreams on your terms. 

“I really believe…that writing and publishing is going to be the way for you to create the most valuable career that you can have.” -Cathy Mazak


Who is Navigate For?

Navigate is an inclusive, diverse group of womxn and non-binary academics from all backgrounds, career stages, university types and physical locations. The program might be a fit for academics who:

  • Have done a lot of research and have publication ideas, but haven’t been able to find the time to turn those ideas into published pieces.
  • Have big dreams and want to make a big impact on their field.
  • See the value of investing time and money in professional development, and can understand the opportunities for career building and returns on investment.
  • Want to see their effort and energy pay off in tangible ways.
  • Are deeply motivated by the next level opportunities that will open to them when their pipelines are flowing.
  • Are excited to get out of the weeds, stop putting out fires and learn how to look at the big picture.
  • Are tired of falling victim to their own negative self-talk and external obstacles, and are ready to get out of overwhelm and into vision and efficiency. 

How Does Navigate Work?

We start off addressing problems and pain points, walk you through rubrics and systems for building writing and thinking time into your schedule, help you create boundaries around that time, and teach you how to say no, even early in your career. 

You’ll learn:

  • That you have power in your career, even early on 
  • How little tweaks can add up to big space in your calendar and your brain
  • Proven tools for creating a writing system that is consistent, sustainable and personal to you
  • How to create and maintain a pipeline that produces
  • How to reframe “I’m always behind” and learn how to set goals that help you succeed
  • Systems for sorting and assessing projects and activities to ensure alignment with your academic mission


What it Looks Like:

Navigate is a year-long program, with 10 weeks of up front foundation work, and ongoing support to reach 5 milestones throughout the year. The program includes:

  • Teaching: One teaching module per week for the first 10 weeks to help you lay the foundation you’ll build on to achieve your goals all year long (read below for an overview of the modules). A private podcast feed is also included, if you’d rather receive your teaching in audio format. 
  • Group coaching: 30 minute calls each Monday to help get mindsets where they need to be, build community, and get ready for the week ahead.
  • Daily co-writing: Co-writing sessions scheduled every day, as well as an open link to meet up with others on your own schedule. Writing in community is a huge driver for creating commitment and success.
  • Weekly Q&A with Cathy: Ask me your questions! Once a week you’ll hear from me answering all the questions I’ve received. Getting your own questions answered and hearing the answers to questions you hadn’t thought of is so valuable. 
  • Community: The importance of community to our individual and collective success can’t be overstated! We strive to build that web of supporting and encouraging community to back you up, cheer you on and give you tools to succeed. 

We are also including a ticket to our next 1 day virtual mini writing retreat and a voucher toward joining Amplify or Elevate, our high-end coaching programs for pre-tenure and post-tenure academics.

We’ll help you reach 5 milestones throughout the year:

Milestone 1: 2-4 hours (or more) of time on your schedule freed up for writing. (We want you to feel success and spaciousness quickly, so we get this done in the first few weeks!)

Milestone 2: A publication pipeline created and mapped out visually, with all current projects in place.

Milestone 3: Finishing a strategic two-week writing sprint using my Soar States system, to enable submission of an “almost done” project that has been languishing. 

Milestones 4 & 5: These milestones will be developed for your personal goals and mapped out across the remainder of the program year. 

The Program Modules 

Module 1: Getting Clear on Your Academic Mission

What impacts do you want to have on your field? What will you do with your work in order to get there? Feeling like your career is “about” one thing is key. We’ll help you create your academic mission statement, and show you how to align teaching, research, and service behind it.

Module 2: Culling Creep & Learning to Say No

We’ll give you a step-by-step rubric to assess activities and align them to your mission. Saying no and setting boundaries are skills, and we’ll help you learn to use them like a pro. 

Module 3: Freeing Time (Yours FREE until 11/23/21 @ midnight ET!! Grab it here.)

We’ll walk you through this secret weapon for time management that is specific to academics. You’ll get customizable workflows and templates that I’ve used myself and with hundreds of clients. Learn how to create space in your schedule, create boundaries to protect it, and finally have the time to write. 

Module 4: Repairing the Relationship with Your Writing

In this module we’ll show you a three tiered plan for repairing your relationship with your writing and creating sustainable systems for getting words on the page.

Module 5: Goal Setting That Gains Momentum

If you keep setting goals that you can’t achieve, it’s damaging, and it’s counterproductive. We’ll give you clear steps to take to determine what kinds of goals motivate you so you can set goals you actually hit. 

Module 6: Mindset Master (my favorite module!)

This module is all about unlearning the harmful messages that academia has taught us and replacing them with an abundant, confident mindset that allows you to write and publish more! 

Module 7: Project Planning Like An Expert

We’ll help you figure out how long it takes for you to complete tasks, how to break them projects into tasks, and how to prioritize them. 

“Predictable is better than fast.” -Cathy Mazak

Module 8: Map Out a Publication Pipeline

In this module you’ll create a visual model to see exactly where all of your projects are, learn to diagnose problems and loosen clogs.

Module 9. Year Long Writing Plan

We’ll work with you to create a plan for your writing year that works with everything else you have on your plate. 

Module 10: Five Year Framework

We’ll help you get clarity to create your big 5 year goals, reverse engineer the steps to get there, and create a publishing plan to support them. 

“You don’t have to stay where you are right now.” -Cathy Mazak


When I was a new mom on the tenure track struggling to keep all the balls in the air while my dissertation was gathering dust, I knew that there was more for me in this career. I knew that I wanted to make an impact in my field. I needed a better way, and that better way became Navigate. Navigate is me saying to all my potential students and current students: you can experience academia differently. You don’t have to do academia the same old-fashioned way, the good ol’ boys club way. You can have more time, freedom and joy, work on the things that matter to you and, oh by the way, get promoted. Figuring out the systems I teach inside Navigate literally changed my life. And I want to share it with you!

So, if you’re ready to start creating a career and a life you love, I hope you’ll take this sneak peek at the Freeing Time module to get a taste of what Navigate is like. We want to empower you to trust yourself and start moving toward the academic career you dream of. Download the module here and share it with a friend! 


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