Episode #179

The Consequences Of Delaying The Right Decision

Some might say there are no failures, only learning experiences. However, accepting something as a failure is important to growth, development, and establishing a path forward.


Today’s episode is about the consequences of delaying the right decision. I will talk very personally, specifically about what has happened in my business over the past year and how the consequences of delaying the right decisions cost me emotionally and financially. So today’s podcast will get very real because I want to be as transparent as possible on this topic. Then I will share questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if you are delaying making the right decision right now. Finally, I will connect these lessons to the academic journey so they can be helpful to you while navigating a career in academia. 


Tune in as I raise the curtain on my business, career, and how fear of failure kept me from making necessary decisions.

Uncovering the Challenge in My Business & Career

Let’s get into the consequences of delaying the right decision. I want to talk about an experience that I’ve had and that I’ve been working through since May 2022. A year ago, I had an intensive with my coach Natalie Miller. Through that intensive, I realized I had overcomplicated my business. There were too many programs, too many components, and too many launches. I needed more focus to succeed and bring my business to the next level. Being exceptional at one thing was impossible because my attention was stretched across so many initiatives.

What I Did vs. The “Right” Decision

I knew the right decision to help my career and business was to consolidate the coaching programs offered. But I was scared to make that choice. I was worried that a limited program schedule would make the content seem less valuable. It also meant that I might have to lay off outstanding employees.


Instead of making the right decision, I hired a program manager. I started researching how to sell a business like mine. But I soon realized that wasn’t my intent for my business or career. Obviously, I needed to simplify the programs, but I was still too scared to do it.


The consequence of delaying the decision was significant emotional and financial loss. We didn’t hit enrollment goals and burned through savings to keep the business afloat. I ended up having to let go of people anyway. So instead of doing that in May of 2022, I created a much more significant problem by waiting a year, and the result was essentially the same.

Are You Delaying Making the Right Decision?

If you are hesitant about making a decision in your business or career, I encourage you to ask these questions:

  • How is delaying the right decision comfortable?
  • How is delaying the right decision delaying discomfort?
  • How is delaying the right decision causing discomfort?
  • How is delaying the right decisions costing you emotionally and financially?
  • How is delaying the right decision robbing you of your future?
  • How is delaying the right decision postponing your happiness?


“I want to talk as transparently as I can through the podcast medium to share what happened over the past year in my business and in my career which, of course my career and business is one in the same. I talk about what’s happened to me over the last year and how I delayed making the right decision and what the consequences were.”


“I created this business and that’s both wonderfully liberating and confusing. The confusing part is really figuring out what I want – really being in tune with my own inner voice, and trusting myself and creating what I want to create for my career, for my life, and in the world. I hope that as you hear that you are thinking, “How can I do that within the container in which I am working?”


“The idea that the consequences of delaying the right decisions in your own career could be causing you more harm than good. So, if you know in your heart, what the right decision is in your mind, and in your body, I encourage you today to take action towards it. Don’t let delaying the right decision stop you from having the career and life that you really want.”


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