Episode #163

Why Changing Universities Isn’t The Answer To Your Publishing Problems

“If I change universities I will be able to publish more.” This belief is a common misconception amongst academics who need help to clear their publication pipeline. But the problem isn’t with the institution; the problem is with you and your mindset on writing. 


In this episode, I share four core principles for building a sustainable writing practice. If you are struggling to publish articles and have considered changing universities as a potential solution, it’s time to reconsider your mindset. Changing universities is not going to solve your writing and publication problems. Clogs in your pipeline are not caused by course load, service work, or research obligations. Without the proper coaching and arsenal of management tools, your writing problems will follow you to every institution you work for.


Changing Universities Is Not the Answer

If you have been putting off clearing your publication pipeline because you think it’s impossible to complete at your current university, it’s time to invest in coaching. The solution to your problem is not a new institution. A clogged publication pipeline is unrelated to the number of classes you teach or the amount of service work you must complete. In fact, if you follow through with changing universities to improve your writing performance, you will be disappointed. The problem will follow you because it isn’t about where you work but how you work. The solution to building a sustainable writing practice is within you.


Manage Time To Your Advantage

The secret to clearing your publication pipeline is not changing universities; it’s changing your writing process and mindset through a specific set of tools. To build a sustainable writing process, you must identify the disconnect in your current writing methods. In addition, fine-tuning critical skills related to time and project management will ramp up productivity and eliminate the need to cram on weekends or produce at a high-pressure binge and bust cycle. Finally, the only way to solve your publication problem is to take control and follow a process that aligns everything you do with your academic mission statement.


“There’s a lot of reasons to get on the market and try to find a different job or a new job. But if you think that your publication pipeline will magically be cleared by you changing institutions that is not what’s going to happen. You’re wrong. Your publication problems will follow you.”


If you keep blaming your university for your lack of time, you are just delaying getting your amazing voice out in the world and influencing your field. Because unless you learn fundamental things about publication, pipeline management, project management, time management, and creating sustainable writing practices – unless you learn those things, your publication problem will follow you no matter what your academic position is.”


“The main way that we make sure you can make changes in your publication pipeline and change how things get published is by changing YOU. By changing your mindset, by changing your practices, by changing your approach to your writing and publishing.”


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