Episode #78

Writing Sprint Breakdown

What is a writing sprint, and how can it help you move an article from almost done to out the door and submitted?


In this episode, I’m chatting with my two coaches, Gina Robinson and Rocío Caballero-Gill, all about writing sprints. We also share about my Writing Sprint Blueprint tool, which will help you move your article out the door in the next 2 weeks.

As you near the end of the semester, each coach has some advice for you as you manage this moment and look forward to the summer!


Key Points Discussed:

  • What is a writing sprint is, how to do it, and the value of a community moving towards the same goal [4:15]
  • The logistics of a sprint, the commitment, and the community aspect [5:35]
  • The reason writing sprints work and what not to do [9:35]
  • Stories of client wins, and how they used the sprint to achieve their goals [13:15]
  • The Momentum program, and what happens in a co-writing session [19:15]
  • Mindset for academics and why it’s important for implementing changes [22:00]
  • Advice about this particular moment in the semester and expectations about the summer [28:45]


Key Quotes:

  • “I like thinking of sprints as a little bit of pain medication.” – Gina Robinson
  • “I call [a sprint] a bag of tricks… you want to have a bunch of ways and techniques that you are going to use strategically at different times.” – Cathy Mazak
  • “The process of sprinting teaches you about creating a plan, setting goals, and how fast you do things.” – Cathy Mazak
  • “It’s not just for the writing… people can use it to learn about their own writing process.” – Rocío Caballero-Gill
  • “I love the fact that there are actual tangible wins, but a lot of it is about the change of mindset that people have towards writing.” – Gina Robinson
  • “Sprints give you hope for the next time you sit down to write.” – Rocío Caballero-Gill
  • “You don’t have to write amazing stuff the first time… and you can feel okay with that imperfection.” – Gina Robinson
  • “Recognize that you are not going to be able to do everything in the same day, and then choose what to do, and what not to do.” – Gina Robinson
  • Part of the process is learning how to be flexible… without letting it get you down.” – Rocío Caballero-Gill


Writing Sprint Blueprint is the perfect program to enroll in to kick off your summer. It is an accessible little bite of a program that will deliver BIG in terms of your writing process. 


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