You are a true badass at this scholarly career! But you know there is even more out there for you. It’s time to get the support you need to step into your full career potential.

Elevate helps mid-career scholars make executive decisions about their careers based on the legacy they want to create by identifying and working in their zone of genius with the support of coaching and peers.

Six Career-Altering Months

Each month work deeply with one theme that is key to building the next level in your career through two 75-minute group coaching calls, and one-on-one coaching via Voxer app.

             One-on-one Coaching with                   Academic Career Expert        Cathy Mazak

For someone at your career level–and with your career aspirations!–one-on-one coaching is key. One-on-one, private coaching helps you identify your next right steps and move faster toward taking them.

Group Coaching

You are not the only one facing challenges at this point of your career! In group coaching, you’ll learn that others are in it with you, and you’ll dig into each month’s theme guided by our experienced coaching team.

Peer Mentoring Like Nowhere Else in Academia

Finding a group of peer mentors who can inspire and encourage you is key to your growth. We carefully curate the participants to develop a non-competitive, supportive, enriching community.


By the end of the program, you will:
Identify your “zone of genius” and your upleveled academic mission

Improve your everyday work life through better time management, outsourcing, and boundary-setting

Find time to finally work on YOUR projects by mastering the project management skills and mindsets relevant to academia, including self-trust and self-knowing

Re-engage your writing practice and identify a legacy-building writing project to move forward, such as a book or grant proposal, to move your career in the direction you want to go

Master your mentoring skills so that your mentoring of students and junior faculty is both effective and sustainable

Build a team of support around you and explore your role as a leader, on your terms

Elevate is for you if:

You know that you cannot keep going at pre-tenure pace

You know that you have more to offer the world than the minutiae in which you are currently mired

You see yourself as important, smart, and innovative

You are held back in fully realizing your potential by what other people want you to do

You are ready to transition into a nurturing and impactful career that YOU design


Month 1: Elevate Your Mission
Your academic mission statement needs to evolve as your career evolves: the mid-career mission is different! You’ll compose an upleveled academic mission statement, a values statement, and articulate your career purpose (which is different from your mission).
Month 2: Value Your Time
As you advance in your career, you will want to spend more and more time in your “zone of genius” (your unique contribution to the world). To do that, you’ll need to uplevel your time management and boundaries. In this month, you’ll reflect on where your time is going, identify your zone of genius, and increase the amount of time you spend doing what you truly love.
Month 3: Systems of Support
One of the biggest obstacles to having the career you want is your ability to ask for what you need and to accept help from others. In this month, we’ll work on envisioning and creating systems of support that will help you preserve your energy through mid-career.
Month 4: Trust Your Process
You didn’t get this far without some pretty effective processes. Instead of learning new ways of doing things, you will learn into your way of doing things, underpinned by increased self-trust and an ear for your inner mentor. It’s you, but refined.
Month 5: (Re)Center Your Writing
Your writing process can get lost mid-career. Take time to recenter your writing and develop your upleveled writing practice by choosing a legacy-building writing project to work on.
Month 6: Lead for Legacy
In mid-career it is never just you. Your are a leader, so it is time to define what kind of leader you want to be and what kind of organization you want to lead (whether it is a group of students or a multi-million dollar lab).
Elevate program enrollment: $8,000 or 6 payments of $1,500

Cohort starts in October 2023.

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