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Going Up for Tenure with Confidence: Amplify Info Session Replay

This episode is the audio replay of the Amplify info session. Even if you’re not pre-tenure or thinking about a program right now, this episode will help you understand the reality of the tenure track, showcase some accomplishments of Amplify grads, and lay out the framework the program is based on.


This session will show you all about going up for tenure with confidence, but even if you’re not in a role where tenure is part of your system, this session will help you gain confidence as you progress in academia. This is what we as academic writers and coaches think is the most important part of your pre-tenure track.

We are enrolling for our September 2022 cohort. Don’t miss out on the special bonuses for signing up for Amplify before June 30th! Amplify officially closes on July 31st, and begins on September 1st!

The Truths About Early Career:

  • Tenure track is a recipe for burnout- *this is true for my international friends as well who are in that early part of their career trying to prove themselves* 
  • It seems like there’s only one way to succeed.
  • Your institution doesn’t really know how to support you. 


3 Main Areas of Professional and Personal Development:

There are 3 main areas of professional and personal development that you need to work on if you are going to go up for tenure with confidence. 

    1. The clarity of your purpose: We teach you about the concept of designing your career and being the architect of your career. Amplify is really a career program. But the career strategies are publication focused.
    2. The demystification of processes and strategies: In this section, we talk about writing resiliency, managing yourself, and managing others.
    3. The multiplication of your effectiveness: In this section, we develop self-trust. We also talk about leading for change.

These are what add up to equal promotion with confidence.

When you have clarity of purpose, you will save time getting to your goals, and ultimately publish more. understand the processes and systems and strategies, and you can multiply your effectiveness, you are willing to begin to change the academic culture.


What is Amplify?

Amplify teaches early career scholars a process for securing promotion by developing publication focused strategies, boundaries, and priorities in a peer and coach supported small group.

Who is Amplify for?

Amplify is for you…

  • If you’re right at the beginning of your tenure track
  • If you’re going up for review
  • If you’re preparing to submit for promotion.
  • If you want to feel confident with both the number and quality of publications in your tenure package.
  • If you want to learn the writing and time management skills that will lead to prolific publishing across your career.
  • If you want to create a curated publication pipeline that represents who you are, and supports your academic mission
  • If you want to create career-long connections with peer mentors
  • If you want to build the self trust that will advance your career

We offer 36 spots as 3 groups of 12.


How the 6 month Amplify Program Works:

Phase One: The Create Phase- 3 months

    • Learning each of the spokes of the framework, doing workshops in those areas, and then having our small group call.
  • Kick-off retreat: September 9, 2022

Phase Two: The Integrate Phase- 3 months

  • Getting supported practice building practices, deepening peer bonds, and getting peer review and other co-writing activities.


Amplify Includes:

    • Nine core recorded modules
    • 4 one on one calls
    • Weekly group coaching throughout the six months of the program
    • The kickoff retreat
    • 3 months of peer review co-writing in our writing community
  • Bonus: Yearly New Year’s online writing retreat- January 25-27, 2023
  • Bonus: Access to our library of recorded content



Before June 30th: $7,000

After June 30th: $8,000

*payment plans available


  • If you enroll by June 30, you get our fast action bonus, which is the Creating Funding Flows workshop. 
  • Everybody who pays in full by June 30 is going to get an amazing pay-in-full bonus: Six months of Voxer coaching with me. There are only 10 spots for this. 


Register Here:


Key Quotes:

“We know that there is a different way to be on the tenure track. There’s a different way to do it. There’s a different way to be a professor. There’s a way that is not all about burnout.”

“We can help you do the professor thing in a way that feels much more sustainable, and much more supportive.”

“That’s part of the beauty of amplify; as we’re trying to help you to develop a way of doing academia, that is going to lead you to not burn out, it’s going to lead you to a path that is sustainable and super effective.”

“Amplify is great for anyone who’s just starting out in academia and trying to figure out what their role in academia is and how it will help you build foundational skills that will allow you to start off your career successfully. It’s also great for someone who’s been burned by the system and has come in to get some repair. If you’re feeling like you’re losing your motivation, spirit and light then this program is for you.”

“We are so overwhelmed with so many things in academia, we really wanted to create a program that felt like at each step, you were able to deeply connect with each part of the program.”


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