Episode #100

How Many Publications Can You Write In A Year? (How to Write and Publish More Next Year)

My wonderful coach Gina Robinson joins me on this episode to discuss publication goals and how to increase your capacity for writing and publishing in the coming year. What determines how much you can publish, and where are our expectations coming from? Is it possible to increase your level of joy in your work as you increase output? We talk through these concepts as well as share how we determined the parts of our new yearlong Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap program and what you need to create sustainable success.


Get the free module of Navigate here: https://scholarsvoice.org/sneakpeek

Key points discussed:

  • Where the expectations of how much we “should” be publishing come from
  • How to separate what we think we should publish from what is realistic and sustainable
  • Honestly identifying limitations and acknowledging circumstances that affect writing
  • How to increase publication numbers from the previous year
  • The ‘binge and bust’ cycle versus sustainable success
  • How Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap can support writing and publishing more
  • Co-writing, what it looks like and how it helps you get writing done 
  • Compassionate accountability and how community is part of positive feedback loops for your writing
  • Weekly Momentum Mindset group coaching calls to help you jumpstart your week from a focused, positive place
  • What a ‘momentum mindset’ is and how it sets you up for continued success
  • The 5 milestones you’ll reach during the yearlong Navigate program 
  • The ebbs and flows of a year, and how a yearlong program helps you put systems in place to navigate those ups and downs in the future


Key Quotes:

  • “You want to separate what you can do from what you think you should do.” -Gina Robinson
  • “The number is absolutely field dependent.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “Acknowledging what’s going on around you is really important.” -Gina Robinson
  • “What worked for you as a grad student often won’t work for you as a professor.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “The first time you have a success cycle, try to replicate it.” -Gina Robinson
  • “I love the idea of compassionate accountability.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “The story of other people’s progress sustains you as well.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “There are a lot of logistical things that people want to fix about their writing, but so much of it is mindset; so much of it is how ready you are to sit down and face that page.” -Gina Robinson
  • “[Have] that positive ‘why’ always there in your mind.” -Gina Robinson
  • “We always want to feel like we’re focusing on one thing at a time.” -Gina Robinson

Get the free module of Navigate here: https://scholarsvoice.org/sneakpeek

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