Episode #134

I Got Tenure And Then This Happened [Re-release Ep 90] 

We get our hopes up for what it might feel like after we finally get tenure, but what is the reality? I’m sharing some of my own story about getting tenure, and what came next.

Are you a mid to late career academic who got tenure (or promotion, depending on your system) and felt a serious let down? You are not alone. I’m sharing a little of my own story on this episode to illustrate what changes, what doesn’t, and what to do about it.


The next few episodes are going to be re-releases of our most popular episodes about the Post-Tenure Experience. Today’s episode is a re-release of episode 90 of the podcast. You can find episode 90 full show notes here.


We thought this re-release would be perfect, because we are getting ready to enroll our post-tenure into mid/late career program, Elevate


Elevate is a 6-month program that runs from February – July, 2023. We want to give you time to find out information about the program and decide if it is right for you, so we are opening enrollment SOON. 


Elevate is an application-only program that centers on the 1:1 coaching experience. You’ll experience 1:1 calls, group calls, and workshops in our Elevate program. 


On October 5, 2022 we will be doing an information session LIVE where you can have any questions you have about the program answered. As long as you register, you can come live OR we will send you the recording! During this info-session, you wil get all of the information about our Elevate Program and how to apply.


Register for the Elevate info session here!


For the full show notes for this episode, head here!


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