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Navigate helps tenure track womxn and nonbinary professors double their publishing output in a year by implementing 10 essential time and project management/productivity systems with weekly support/ accountability of coaching and peers.


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Episode #211

Navigate Info Session Replay

The waitlist for the next cohort of Navigate opens on March 25th! If you have been a frequent podcast listener or are a professor ready to change your relationship with writing and publications, now is the time to get on the Navigate waitlist so that you can be the first to apply to our next cohort!


Today’s episode is a Navigate information session. I cover everything from program eligibility to how to apply, what to expect during and after Navigate, and how to take the next step in growing your academic career! I answer frequently asked questions and share real client feedback so you can see how the lessons in Navigate have produced tangible, long-lasting results. 


My mission is to help 1,000 scholars change their careers by 2030. The Navigate program outlines critical processes and skills to drastically improve academic writing. So, if you are a professor struggling with a clogged pipeline, want to get more papers published, or need help prioritizing writing to grow your career, this information session is for you!

Eligibility for Navigate and How to Apply

Navigate is a writing and publishing program focusing on three main areas: pipeline and project management, creating an academic mission statement, and establishing a relationship-based sustainable writing practice.


Navigate is an application-only program because we curate a group of like-minded professors who need help with a backlog of publications. Professors at every career stage are welcome to apply as long as they have at least one article published in a peer-reviewed publication and have one or more of these issues:

  • Too much data to write up
  • Sitting on three or more unfinished papers 
  • Needing  an accelerated way to complete an upcoming project


Are you ready to change the trajectory of your academic career? Get on the Navigate waitlist so that you can be the first to apply to our  next Navigate cohort. The three-step application process is easy, and the application takes less than five minutes! 


What to Expect During Navigate

The result of Navigate is a relationship-based, sustainable writing and publication process that will help you publish academic papers and get your voice out in the world. The rhythm of the program is:

  • Alternating writing and group coaching one hour per week
  • Weekly training modules
  • The total time dedication is 2 hours per week, which you can continue to hold for writing time!


Are you curious if Navigate is right for you? Listen to real client results throughout this episode and see how professors have applied what they learned from Navigate to improve their writing and publication process.Navigate tuition has been reduced from $4,500 to $3,000, so now is the time to apply!


Ready to Join the Navigate Waitlist? What to Do Next

The waitlist for the summer cohort of Navigate opens on March 25th! If you are ready to get started, here are the following steps:

  • Sign up for the waitlist.
  • Watch for a confirmation email with details about the application process.
  • Start exploring options for university funding. This process can take a long time, so do it now!


Tune in to this episode of the podcast and follow for future discussions on the Navigate program, which include answers to frequently asked questions, tips for applying, and productive changes you can make to your writing process.


“During Navigate you will create a clearly articulated academic mission statement and a process for using it to guide your decision making to rein in feelings of overwhelm and leverage your time. You will develop a high-level project plan for your publication submissions over the next year and create a process for breaking writing projects into tasks and completing these tasks in a powerfully predictable way. Finally, you’ll create a mission driven plan for time management and submit one or more articles for publication.” 


“Navigate helps tenure-track women and non-binary professors publish their backlog of papers so that their voice can have the impact that they know is possible.”


We’ve opened the waitlist for our next cohort of Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap®. Check out the program details and get on the waitlist here.



  1. Our 12-week Navigate: Your Writing Roadmap® program helps tenure-track womxn and nonbinary professors to publish their backlog of papers so that their voice can have the impact they know is possible. Get on the waitlist here!
  2. Cathy’s book, Making Time to Write: How to Resist the Patriarchy and Take Control of Your Academic Career Through Writing is available in print! Learn how to build your career around your writing practice while shattering the myths of writing every day, accountability, and motivation, doing mindset work that’s going to reshape your writing, and changing academic culture one womxn and nonbinary professor at a time. Get your print copy today or order it for a friend here!
  3. Want to train with us for free on your campus? Now you can when you recommend our Scholar’s Voice™ Faculty Retreats to a decision-maker on your campus! Download the brochure with the retreat curriculum and both in-person and online retreat options here.
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