Episode #148

Overcoming Adversity and Having Your Publishing Take-Off: An Interview with Elevate Alumni Lauren Braun-Strumfels [Re-release Ep 104] 

Have you ever wondered what you might be able to get out of investing in one of our programs such as Elevate? Wondering if it might be a good use of your time and money? Want to hear firsthand from someone who’s been on the inside?


Elevate graduate Lauren Braun-Strumfels is sharing her amazing story on this episode of the podcast. Her journey has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns. It’s taken her from Fulbright scholar in Rome at the very beginning of the pandemic, to lockdowns and virtual classrooms, and from no publications to journal articles, book contracts, and a vibrant pipeline. 

Lauren shares how she navigated loss and grief through community, came back to her writing and herself little by little and created sustainable systems for huge publishing success. We also talk about how a harsh peer reviewer paused her book process, and how coaching through Elevate helped her galvanize her message and navigate through that situation. Lauren’s book, titled Partners in Gatekeeping: How Italy Shaped U.S. Immigration Policy over Ten Pivotal Years, 1891-1901, is coming out in Nov 2023 with UGA press!

Our Elevate program is open for Enrollment! Elevate is a coaching program for mid-career scholars to help you ‘up-level your post-tenure career’. We want to know what you’re feeling and experiencing in your mid-career journey and would love to guide you through it all.

Elevate begins with our New Year Writing Retreat at the end of January, and enrollment for the Program closes on December 22nd!

If you want to examine what you’re creating and how you’re changing your life, your family’s lives, and your university, we would love to see your application for the Elevate Program to see if you might be a good fit! 

Check out the application at scholarsvoice.org/elevate-application/

Today’s episode is a re-release of episode 104 of the podcast. You can find episode104 full show notes here.


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