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Episode #147

The Next Level In Your Career

Do you ever find yourself frustrated and tired in your career? Do you find yourself wondering why you’re STILL feeling this way even though you’ve been in your career for a while? Many people in academia feel the same fatigue you are, which is why we designed the Elevate Program to help you make the change that works for you.


In this episode, we’re sharing an information session for our elevate mid-career program where we discussed how to thrive post-tenure and reach that next level in your career while looking at our Elevate program components. We introduce you to a few of our Elevate members and share their success stories with you!

We’re still enrolling in Elevate, but you have to hurry because enrollment ends on December 22nd! Apply for the Elevate program here!

Apply ASAP because on Wednesday, December 7th we will be holding a special funding workshop full of great information on internal funding while answering any questions about Elevate, but the workshop is only open to those who have applied! So go ahead and apply TODAY!

Who Elevate is For:

The Elevate program is a mostly live-delivered online coaching program. It’s perfect for:

  • newly tenured faculty
  • someone who is on their way into or out of an admin role
  • somebody going up for that final promotion in their career
  • people who are already full professors and just want more from their career and they’re trying to figure out what it is

We’re looking for a diverse group of 24 scholars ready to support each other in reaching the next level in their careers.

Elevate is for you if you want to figure out your post-tenure path that is in line with your mission and values, and if you want to learn how to build a team of support around you both at work and at home. Elevate is also for you if you want to spend more of your precious time doing what really lights you up. Not just what you’re good at, or what other people think you’re good at, but what lights you up inside.


How Elevate Works:

The Elevate Program is a 6-month Program that follows this framework:

Month 1: Elevating Your mission by reigniting your sense of purpose and your academic mission

Month 2: Valuing your time

Month 3: Centering your writing and designing your pipeline to support your vision

Month 4: Trusting your process

Month 5: Leading for legacy

Month 6: Raising the stakes


Aspects of the Elevate Program:

  • Monthly 90-minute workshop delivered live via Zoom by our team of coaches
  • 90-minute small group coaching call to build peer mentoring and put what you learn into practice
  • Monthly 1:1 calls
  • Monthly peer-review session designed to get eyes on your work
  • Daily co-writing times
  • Slack Community
  • All recorded material we have created for you to have access to and work through

Price of Elevate:

The program value is around $10,000

The value of all those extras, if you were to buy them all individually, is around $18,000.

The total value we’re talking about here is around $29,000. 

BUT the investment in our program is only $10,000 for the 6 months

We offer payment plans to help fit your specific need, so reach out to us to chat through those options!

*We do accept payment from your University, so know that that is an option to consider as well!

Key Quotes:

“Part of the work of Elevate is to learn how to listen to your own inner voice about what you want to do and what you want to create in the world.”

“…actually what she learned in our program was how to rest and she took her first two week vacation 100% off work. So she came in with this idea of “I’m gonna be more productive” and she left with spaciousness and time with her kids and more of those things that are more valuable.”

“At this level of your career, your time is extra valuable, because it has all this expertise built into it.”

“Joanne said, ‘I surprised myself, but joining Elevate has really helped me to recognize my strengths and stand up for them.’”

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