Episode #86

Pre-Tenure Pivot; an Interview with Angel Kaur, Amplify Superstar

On this episode I’m talking with Angel Kaur, a member of the founding co-hort of my Amplify program, about what brought her to Amplify, what she learned, and how she has gained the tools and confidence to make the best decisions for her career. 


Key points discussed:

  • What brought her to the Amplify program
  • Trying to figure out her path, and deciding between two areas that she loved
  • After she joined Amplify, realizing how overwhelmed she had truly been
  • Learning to purposefully give less in certain areas in order to be able to give more to an area she was focusing on
  • Ah-ha moments during the program
  • The importance of community in helping to solidify decisions and speak truth back to you
  • Creating the career identity she wanted for herself, and what she was able to accomplish in her field
  • Learning systems and processes that worked for her, and learning to accept how she works
  • Addressing the inner critic
  • How productivity jumps when we accept our own personal preferences 


Key Quotes:

  • “You talk about that overwhelm, and how it doesn’t have to be how academia works.” -Angel Kaur
  • “I really wanted some support that came from outside my institution.” -Angel Kaur
  • “You can’t be 100% of yourself for all the things that you’re responsible for.” -Angel Kaur
  • “Academia doesn’t have to be toxic…it can be a calling without being all of that.” -Angel Kaur
  • “Mindset work has been my secret weapon.” -Angel Kaur
  • “We put the bar so high, in our heads, for everything.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “There was an opportunity to connect with people in a way I hadn’t seen before until Amplify.” -Angel Kaur
  • “Writing is bigger than words on a page.” -Angel Kaur
  • “You have to know you and how you work.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “Everyone is a three-dimensional human being.” -Angel Kaur
  • “You’ve  become an expert on yourself and that is really powerful!” -Cathy Mazak

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