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Episode #85

The Biggest Hurdles Pre-Tenure

My super-star writing coaches, Rocío Caballero-Gill and Gina Robinson, are taking over the podcast to talk about the pre-tenure period and many of the issues, fears, hopes, accomplishments, and successes they see with our Amplify clients. If you’re pre-tenure, I’m betting you will recognize yourself in this episode, and get a feel for whether this program and these fantastic coaches are a fit for you.


Key points discussed:

  • The challenges that our Amplify clients face when they are coming into the program: 
    • Negative, unsure mindsets
    • Isolation, amplified in competitive departments and institutions
    • Self-doubt and fear
    • Lack of community and resources, fear of asking questions
    • Lack of time, systems, and sustainable practices
  • Impacts Amplify has had for our clients
    • Immediate like-minded community 
    • Vision creation and implementation with structured steps, tools and systems
    • Gaining confidence and implementing change
    • Creating a mission allowing clients to trust themselves, recognize what matters and find time for it
    • Recognizing their own wisdom and power
  • Specific client results
    • Publications completed using peer review, co-writing and support, including stubborn revise-and-resubmits, and languishing or difficult projects
    • Completed books and deciding to write books
    • Funding secured
    • Getting tenure, promotion, and new jobs
    • Skills gained to continue with a sustainable writing practice and strong mindset
  • Main hesitations about applying for Amplify
    • Money: the importance of investing in yourself, and a good return on investment
    • Time: how a time commitment is also investing in yourself, and balancing time needs with the value of the program
  • What our coaches enjoy most about the program
    • The people. Watching clients come into the program unsure, frustrated, unclear and leave with vision, a mission, and a way to get there
    • Seeing the achievements clients make while part of the program, and hearing back from them later on continued success


Key Quotes:

  • “As soon as you come into the Amplify program, you’ve got this automatic community.” -Gina Robinson
  • “Once you have a mission, that helps to deal with a lot of the time issues.” -Gina Robinson
  • “You do the job because you’re trying to make some kind of impact.” -Gina Robinson
  • “Going through the program allows you the space to refine that writing process in a way that you can sustain it for later.” -Rocío Caballero-Gill
  • “We’re not competing against each other, we’re doing things together for the better science, better academia, better everything.” -Rocío Caballero-Gill
  • “That’s our goal, is for it to not be such a rare feeling that you are actually in charge of your career.” -Gina Robinson
  • “You can’t think about your career trajectory or your career success without thinking about everything else around it.” -Gina Robinson
  • “We help each other create time.” -Rocío Caballero-Gill
  • “Sometimes, as an adult, building connections and friendships can be difficult.” -Gina Robinson


There are just a few slots in the only 2021 enrollment group for Amplify! Applications close August 25, so don’t wait. Go to to apply.

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