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Episode #71

Q&A with Qualitative Research Blueprint Creator Maira Quintanilha

Have you ever struggled with where to publish your interdisciplinary qualitative work? Have you received feedback questioning the rigor of your research or your ability to express it? My guest on this episode is Maira Quintanilha, creator of Qualitative Research Blueprint. Whatever your struggles, questions, or curiosities about qualitative research, Maira has got you covered. She shares her own qualitative research journey, what prompted her to create Qualitative Research Blueprint, and why she thinks this kind of research is especially important. 



Key points discussed:

  • Maira’s journey with qualitative research: from having it assigned to her as a grad student, to flourishing with an excellent mentor in her PhD program [3:00]
  • Learning by doing [5:00]
  • First attempts at publication, and how feedback shaped her work [9:30]
  • Submitting work that might not be perfect in order to be open to new perspectives [11:30]
  • Embracing discomfort in the review process in order to learn and move forward [14:00]
  • The important role of qualitative research in health sciences [18:30]
  • How qualitative research helps us understand the ‘why’ of people’s choices and behaviors [19:00]
  • Using the COREQ checklist and how she came to see it as a helpful tool for developing whole researchers [22:00]
  • Using rigor to gain confidence, and Maira’s vision for qualitative researchers [24:00]
  • Embracing methodologies, finding the right audience, and understanding what you can control [29:00]
  • Who is right for Qualitative Research Blueprint and how it can help researchers at all stages of their careers [30:00]


Key Quotes:

  • “There was a lot of learning by doing.” -Maira Quintanilha
  • “Rarely, if ever, things are perfect. But you need to know how to write what you did well.” -Maira Quintanilha
  • “Your qualitative research might not be perfect, but don’t hold it back from trying to publish.” -Maira Quintanilha
  • “It was the process of submitting for review, and getting feedback, that helped me design the next study better.” -Cathy Mazak
  • “At the end of the day, qualitative research is really about understanding how people make [it] through the day.” -Maira Quintanilha
  • “The more I do [qualitative research], the more comfortable I get with the people that don’t believe [in] what I’m doing because I know how powerful what I’m doing is.” -Maira Quintanilha
  • “You can take that opportunity, no matter where you are, to make your research stronger.” -Maira Quintanilha


Be sure to sign up for Qualitative Research Blueprint, open for enrollment now! In this course, you will gain the confidence and skill to achieve your desired outcomes by learning how to design and implement research methodologies, and write rigorous, impactful research. 

You’ll learn everything from data collection and analysis techniques to methods for writing up findings and research theory and strategy. QRB is NOT a one-size-fits-all online course. There is an emphasis on each individual attendee and project, as well as community building and support. 

Sign up using my link, and you’ll get these great bonuses from me:

  • My brand new Writing Sprint Blueprint course, which walks you through how to set up a 2 week writing sprint to make major progress on your writing project.
  • My Funding Formula training, which is usually reserved for Navigate clients only. Learn how to ask your institution for whatever you need, including a letter template and tips. 

Be sure to use this link to get these great bonuses in addition to Maira’s comprehensive qualitative research teaching!

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