Episode #103

The Next Level In Your Career

What’s next for you in your career? Have you gone through a big career shift and aren’t sure what to focus on now? In this sneak peek episode I’m sharing our framework for how to level up your career your way.


In this episode I’m sharing part of an info session about our Elevate program for mid to late career academics who want more from their careers but aren’t sure how to get there. 

If you’ve been through a high stress anticlimactic promotion process, or a big change toward or away from an admin position, or just want to make a bigger impact but are too exhausted to figure out how, Elevate can help! 

And if you’re not in the market for a coaching program but something here resonates with you, take a look at the framework and see where you might want to focus some energy on your own.

What’s Next In Your Career?

There are some universal truths about this stage in academic careers:

  • We thought we’d be less exhausted by now.
  • We thought we’d have fewer fires to put out and responsibilities that aren’t ours to deal with.
  • The path is completely up to us…which is both freeing and frightening!

“We know that there is more for you in your career.” -Cathy Mazak

We created Elevate to help other academics learn to trust themselves and their ambitions, find their zones of genius, and level up their careers with joy. Almost 50 academics have created powerful change and inspired focus through Elevate. To learn more and read what some of them say about the program, click here: https://scholarsvoice.org/elevate.

The Elevate Program 

This program could be right for you if you are:

  • Newly tenured or almost there
  • On the way into or out of an admin position
  • Applying for full
  • A full professor looking for more
  • Adjusting to a change in your career

The 6-month Framework

Over the course of the six month program, we focus on one module a month. 

Month 1: Elevate Your Mission

Reignite your sense of purpose, see the big picture, discover your zone of genius, and draft an initial 5 year plan.

Month 2: Value Your Time

Complete a time study, build a team of support, and create your own framework for protecting your time, saying no, and culling your calendar.

Month 3: Centering Your Writing

Reinvigorate the writing that is important to you, design a pipeline to support your 5 year plan, and move the needle on your chosen project with our guidance and support.

Month 4: Trust Your Process

Evaluate your practices to make them more sustainable, get free of the “shoulds”, and learn to trust and value your own intuition. 

Month 5: Lead For Legacy

See how your choices uplift, develop your personal value statement, learn how to mentor others and yourself.

Month 6: Raise the Stakes

Define success, create big audacious goals, make a plan for how to fund them, and revisit your 5 year plan after all you have learned.

If you’re here in real time, sign up to get the full info session in podcast form and all the information on how to apply for the 2022 cohort of Elevate. We kick off with our virtual writing retreat January 27, 2022! 

Do you have a writing project languishing, mired in the messy middle, or stuck on revise and resubmit? Grab my Writing Sprint Blueprint, a powerful productivity tool to help stalled out publications get out of your pipeline and into the world. As a bonus, you’ll also gain access to my private podcast feed “Stick to the Plan”, a 10 episode series of short, inspirational messages to keep you going. Click here to get the Writing Sprint Blueprint and “Stick to the Plan” podcast series for just $27!

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