Episode #184

The Real (More Awesome) Result Of Changing Your Writing Practice

Writing and publishing is the catalyst for change in your academic career! So today, we are talking about the real and amazing results changing your writing practice can have. 


When you work on creating a sustainable relationship-based writing practice, fantastic things start to happen! Not only will you get more publications out, but you will gain confidence in yourself, develop a better work-life balance, and write more impactful content. Are you ready to learn how writing can jumpstart change in your professorship? Tune in as I share key insights about why academics struggle with publishing and how a simple shift can change your relationship with writing and grow your career. 


Why Academics Struggle with Publishing

Advancing science and research is exciting! But the process is so long and overwhelming. After grant writing, performing the analysis, accumulating the data, and organizing the project, it is only natural to feel burned out when it comes to the final step of writing and publishing. 


Publications are put on a pedestal. It’s not just about getting your voice out. Publications are also a type of currency because they are necessary to advance your career. This pressure to create impactful and meaningful articles is stressful and can result in a stalled publication pipeline.

Amazing Results to Expect When You Focus on Your Writing Practice

The ultimate goal is to develop a sustainable-based writing practice. When you put time, energy, and attention into nurturing your relationship with writing, these fantastic results happen!

  • You learn more about yourself. Understanding your writing practice, why you do things, and how long it takes is essential. The result is more self-awareness, self-trust, and self-confidence.
  • Your decision-making improves. When you are protective over your writing time, you get better at refining your decision-making process. Your decision-making becomes all about you. You start to make choices that favor your career and the goals you want to reach. As a result, your writing becomes more intentional and impactful. 
  • You achieve work-life balance. You start to create the lifestyle you want within your professorship. When your writing practice is resilient, you stop struggling with overwork and overwhelm. Writing becomes the center of your career, so your weekends and evenings can be restorative.



I talk so much about writing and publishing as being the catalyst for change in your career. It’s the thing that’s going to start changes for a more satisfying, joyful career. A better career is going to start with a focus on writing.”



“When you work on creating a sustainable relationship-based writing practice you increase your confidence and your self-trust, not just about your writing and publishing but about your entire career and professorship. You’re going to be making decisions in favor of you by refining your decision-making process. And you’re going to be creating the lifestyle that you want.”



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