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Episode #120

Controlling your Career with Publications

Are you curious as to what the Navigate Program really entails? Are you wondering if it could be the thing that begins to propel your career forward and helps you find freedom and stability in your work?

Today we have a sneak peek inside of our Navigate Information Session. I created this information session called ‘Control your Career with Publications: a Look Inside our Navigate Program’ so that anyone interested in the program could really understand all of the parts in the system that work together to help you double your publication output in the next year.


In this audio version of the info session, you will hear our case studies of three successful clients who recommend our program and you’re going to hear a walk through of most of the different program parts.

If you want to hear the full info session, click here!

Don’t forget that enrollment for the Navigate program is open from May 3-16!

Control your Career with Publications

The truths about academic publishing: 

  • There is so much pressure to publish.
  • You ACTUALLY have plenty of ideas.
  • It’s quite possible that your publication pipeline is less flow and more drip, even though you have so many ideas and you have tons of things to say and you have a unique perspective on your field.

So this is the hard truth that we are going to give you some solutions today.

There’s a better way to approach this academic publishing part of your career, and it actually creates a better way for you to live your entire career. Now we know that because we’ve helped over 500 academic women and nonbinary academics, center their writing, publish more, and take control of their careers on their terms in our Navigate Program.

The Secret to More Publications

I’m going to just go right ahead and tell you the secret to more publications. What you need to publish more are 3 types of systems: Time management systems, writing systems, and planning systems. If you have your time management systems and your planning systems mastered, then you will publish more. And if you have your writing systems and your planning systems mastered you are going to have that control over your career.

We have three Navigate grads that we would love to highlight for you today:

    1. Selena- As a new mom, Selena was trying to figure out how her goals and values could align with her dreams in academia. Navigate helped her turn her dreams into a reality.
    2. Kimberly- After tenure, Kimberly felt like she was doing more of the less important stuff. She used Navigate to feel like she was really important again and not just a cog in the wheel.
  • Nicole- Nicole had a 4:4 teaching load, but still wanted to have time for research. Even though she felt pulled in 1,000 directions, she was determined to keep her research and her publication pipeline going after Navigate.

Who is Navigate for? Navigate is perfect for women and nonbinary professors at any stage in their tenure track or equivalent journey.

Navigate is a year-long program that helps women and nonbinary professors double their publication output in a year by implementing 10 productivity systems supported by a coach and peer accountability. 

During the year in our Navigate program, you will hit five publication focused program milestones.

Your year in Navigate starts by learning our 10 core systems delivered step by step in 10 digital modules.


The 3 System Secrets:

Time management systems

System one is called The Mission Method. In there, you’re going to create that focus in your career that’s going to propel your publishing forward. In the mission method, you’ll dig deep to find the real motivation behind why you want to write and publish more. And you’re going to come away with your academic mission statement clearly written and hanging on your wall.

System two is Activity Alignment.  Here you will learn to say ‘no’ using our set of rubrics to assess everything you’re doing right now and really call out all the off-mission activities or align the activities that you can’t eliminate. 

System three is called Freeing Time. And we work through many aspects of your career to really create space in your calendar.


Writing systems

System four is where we teach you Soaring Sessions. We want to create a soaring feeling in every writing session you have. We teach you how to find joy in writing and make it feel good. This helps to find momentum and stay consistent. 

System five is where we will teach you the Writing Goals method, which is our method for setting writing goals.

System six is the Mindset Mastery. This helps you to unlearn what academia has taught you that gets in the way of you confidently controlling your career.

We support you daily in the program. You can log in daily to writing sessions with others and begin to get to know people and write in a community with others. 

Our goal is to be doing 2 hours of writing sessions per week.

We also have weekly mindset coaching. These are 30 minute group coaching sessions.


Planning systems

System seven is the Project Prediction Plan, where you will finally figure out how long it takes you to do things so you can project plan like an expert. We strive for predictability over speed.

We learn how to develop predictable practices.

System eight is the Power Pipeline Method. You are going to learn the power pipeline method, which is one that will help you get your publication pipeline flowing.

System nine is creating a 1 Year Writing Roadmap. We talk about sticking to the plan and how to continually readjust the plan. 

System ten is the Five Year Framework where you will envision your next five years and reverse engineer to reach a big goal.

I said that the secret was to have time systems, writing systems, and planning systems and that was going to lead to more publications. But as we delivered our Navigate Program as a course, we realized that there was a missing piece. 

If you want to find out what that missing piece was that made us completely revise the delivery of our navigate program, then click here to learn and watch the whole info session! 

Quotes to Note:

“When you have the publications that you really need and want, and that really reflect your voice, you are going to have so much control over your career.”

“We really find the community component of our program to be super important. We’re looking for people who want to participate in the program who also love the idea of participating in a community.” [9:30]

“What we really encourage our Navigate members to do is to craft their career on their terms.” [11:00]


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