Episode #26

How to Multiply Your Effectiveness

Ever wish there was another you to get more done, make things easier, reach more people? On this episode I’m sharing three ways to multiply your effectiveness; no clone needed. 



I’ve been sharing the ideas that we use for our Amplify program framework for going up for tenure with confidence as part of a 3 part series of The Academic Woman Amplified. In episode 24 we looked at the Clarify aspect of the program and talked about how clarity is the foundation for a fulfilling and impactful academic career. In episode 25 we dove into the Demystify part of the framework, talking about how to uncover the systems, processes and mindset for a successful work life, inside a 40 hour work week. And on this episode, I’m sharing the last part of the Amplify framework: Multiply. If you’ve ever wished for a way to make a greater impact with the time you have, this episode is for you.


Amplify Framework Cathy Mazak

It is possible to boost your impact, get more done and create lasting change in your field without adding hours to your work time. Here’s how:

Implement Systems Everywhere

And I mean everywhere. Leverage the time you have and the work you’ve already put in, don’t let it go to waste! Create workflows and templates for everything. Some examples for things you can create templates for:

  • Article completion. You know the steps you take each time to write a journal article, for example. Create a template for those steps.
  • Emails. If you have similar emails you send frequently, make a template.
  • Working with thesis students. Create a process you move your students through as you work with them.
  • Anything else in your life that you do more than once or twice. Put the time in to make the template, workflow or process, and your time savings will be exponential.

(In our Amplify and Elevate programs, we include an Organize Your Academic Life course, as well as lots of pre-made Trello templates and workflows so you can get systematized.)

Create Community

Surrounding yourself with other people pursuing similar goals and facing similar issues uplevels your effectiveness while giving you support and camaraderie. Benefits of a strong community in academia: 

  • Getting support and ideas from your community gives you a boost of momentum toward reaching goals.
  • Shared learning that happens in community spreads ideas and helps you reach a wider audience.
  • You have someone to vent to that gets it.

(In our programs we create community through group coaching and peer mentoring. And our free I Should Be Writing Facebook group is a great place to connect with other academic women like you.)

Mentor for Change

One of the more meaningful parts of a career as an academic is mentoring students. Mentoring is a key way to effect change in academic culture, which is so important, especially for us as women. When we do it right, we’re impacting the next generation of academics, and imparting our message. But, mentoring can also be emotionally draining and exhausting. Make a plan (or a template!) for how you approach your mentoring duties, and be sure to pull back the curtain on all the systems and processes you are using in your day-to-day academic life. 


Ready to Multiply Your Effectiveness? Apply for Amplify today.

Join us in our Amplify program for a ready-made community of academic women who are working toward similar goals and dealing with similar issues. Here’s how our application process works:

  1. Click here to fill out a very simple application. 
  2. Hop on a 10 minute call with an enrollment specialist to see if Amplify is a good fit for you. If so:
  3. Have a strategy call with me, to talk about your personal writing and publishing goals, going up for tenure, and what might be holding you back in your career.

If you join by March 31, 2020 you will lock in the 2019 rates. We’re adding two in-person retreats to our package, and after 3/31/20, our prices will be going up to reflect the addition. So don’t wait! Apply now.

Note: Due to travel restrictions related to the Corona Virus pandemic, the April 9th Write More Workshop in Philadelphia has been cancelled.

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